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Why PLM?

PLM turns chaos into control by synchronizing your entire business—from line planning and design, to product development and pre-production; from sourcing to delivery, and everything in between. PLM is an essential tool for business, helping you stay on top of the market’s demand for greater variety, more innovation, and better value.  

Why VerTex?

VerTex is the only PLM solution with a 100% implementation success rate and a 100% customer satisfaction record. VerTex features specialized Toolboxes that seamlessly synchronize your entire product lifecycle.
Designed specifically for the fashion industry, VerTex delivers greater competitive advantage and measurably better returns than conventional PDM, PLM and supply chain management software.

Why BMS?

With the VerTex PLM technology, you don’t just get software—you get a team of professionals with more than 30 years of experience working in the apparel industry. The BMS team has formulated, tested and implemented thousands of real-life scenarios to best address the needs of our clients.
BMS strives to provide the highest level of customer support available, earning us a spot on Apparel Magazine’s list of top product lifecycle management companies in customer support.